When We’re Curious


Today I spent 14 straight hours at school. By choice. It’s finally starting to feel like school’s back.

Now some people may call me crazy for spending all day at school, but my curiosity got the best of me. Tonight was the head of school address and parent night for the middle and high schools at MVPS. I know students don’t need to be there because the goal is for parents to meet all of their child’s teachers and to briefly (as in 7 minutes brief which snuck up on all of the teachers before they were really done) explain what their course will be like this year.

The reason I like going is because I get curious as to what our teachers deem important enough to put into those 7 minutes that they get with our parents, and for a lot of the teachers, this is their first impression to some of the parents. Sometimes the teachers even tell the parents things about what we will eventually do in class that they maybe haven’t talked to the students about yet which is always interesting to hear. Plus I love how when I’m there the teachers will all kind of point me out and make references to inside jokes from our class that the parents don’t even notice but I get a good laugh out of.

Social behaviors just fascinate me sometimes. Even just getting to see my classmates parents and trying to connect faces, which is sometimes surprisingly easy; I guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree sometimes. Not to mention it’s always a little funny and interesting to see our parents try to go through our schedules and I think they at least have a little bit of an empathy moment when they think about how much walking up and down stairs we do with heavy back packs on; seeing moments of empathy always makes me smile a little.

Possibly what made me most curious from afterwards is to learn about the prototype for the new high school building. I’m so excited to see what the design team has come up with for the future of MVPS!!!

I truly think that curiosity is a force that can drive people to accomplish great tasks. I mean, today my curiosity lead to me not leaving school until 9:15pm because I was curious to learn information. I know I may not be the average student, but I still think that getting any student curious about a topic could lead them to accomplish some interesting things.


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