Mindsets in the World


Wow between being sick and being busy, it seems I haven’t blogged in forever.

Possibly one of the most exciting things about this past week was that DRAMA STARTED AGAIN!!!!!! We finished up auditions and I’m so excited to start rehearsals next week!! I’m also excited to actually get my script on Monday since I wasn’t able to when everyone else did because I was sick… However, we did make MVPAllStars history for having the first virtual audition when I Google Hangouted with them so I could read parts and kind of be there even with my fever. That was kind of fun just to say it happened, and I was glad we able to get it to work.

Another thing fun that happened today actually, was that we had Family Fun Day at Jump Start! My best friend Marz also came with us to have some fun as we ate, drank smoothies, and played around in the gym today. Then I found it kind of funny, because my parents actually decided that they liked the MVPS Mindsets (collaborator, communicator, solution seeker, creative thinker, innovator, and ethical decision maker) so much that they wanted to introduce them to our staff. So at our staff meeting today, we broke up in groups and brainstormed ways we could incorporate each mindset into how we coach at Jump Start.

I remember when I was listening to the Head of School address, a parent had talked about hosting MVPS students for internships. She had said that one of the most impactful memories she has had was when she had a few students that after their time at AT&T had said that they could actually see the MVPS mindsets used in the real world and it was kind of a mind blowing moment for them.

After brainstorming with the other coaches today, it made me wonder how many other student have had that moment of realization. I think it’s one of those things that you really have to experience for yourself to truly believe and I just wonder about how many experiences there are. I wonder if that would make an interesting short video for the school about moments when students noticed the mindsets outside of school.


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