Back into the Grove


Well today was pretty great because drama really felt like it started today. By that I mean, we’ve officially gone through auditions, plans, and all that “getting ready” stuff, and today we officially opened up the scripts and started reading through the show!!!

We actually have two show going on at once right now and they couldn’t be more different. Beast on the Moon is our fall main stage show and I play Seta (also the only female) who is a young woman that is a paid to order bride sent over to America after the Armenian genocide. This show is an intense and moving drama about Seta and her husband Aram as they transition into their new married life in America when they discover that they can’t have children. They are, however, both touched by a young orphan boy that comes into their life. I’ve read the entire script and I’m so excited for this piece!!!!!

However, we haven’t actually started reading through this script yet because today we had a rehearsal for our fall one act play competition piece Lions in Illyria. In stark contrast to Beast on the Moon, this show is a children’s version of 12th Night that takes place in the mythical world of Illyria where the characters are Animals. For this show I get to be the live musician/puppeteer which I think is going to be a lot of fun actually!

I love playing the flute, and this is a great opportunity for me to get to experiment more with my music which I’m really excited to get to do. Plus this show is so fun and almost Disney like so I think it’s just going to be a great big music exploration!

I love the theater and I’m so happy to be getting back into the grove of things. Everything just feels so great in any big project when you find that sweet spot where everything is just clicking and moving forward!

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