Starting a Design Sprint


Today was a pretty cool day for ID because we started our first big design sprint on “healthy living”. The idea of a design sprint is that you rapidly go through the entire design process in a limited time, typically just a few weeks. The best part? We have no idea what we will end up with!

Today we started with blog post observations that have been made in the past few weeks by various ID members. We did an “I See, I Think, I Wonder” activity to try and figure out what to make of these observations. My group specifically ended up exploring an abandoned garden on our campus behind the football field, and we came up with a ton of questions and list of people to interview to learn more about what the real problem even is.

We also had some people on campus today that were observing and interviewing us while we worked to learn more about what ID is and what it means to us. It was fun getting to talk to them, and I also enjoyed hearing more from the Jobs cohort today in general. It’s funny how much I can feel the beginner-ness. This isn’t a bad thing- everyone has to start somewhere- it’s just interesting to be in a new place this year in ID. In the groups we were broken up into, there was me and one other Disney cohort member and then 5 Jobs members, and I observed Margaret and I from the Disney group often helping to lead the Jobs cohort with how we should be tackling the challenge.

For example, one thing we tried to do was make sure the team wasn’t trying to jump to solutions too quickly. It is quite possible that the problem isn’t that we need to just build a new garden in the same place. We need to first start with users, real people, and discover what they actually need to discover what it is that we need to solve for.

I can’t wait for our work on this challenge to continue tomorrow because I think we got off to a great start with our questions about what use to be in the area and if the challenge is correlated to the way students take ownership of school spaces.

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