Getting Back to the Track


So I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever… This is because on Friday I finally had my nose surgery. What we though was allergies (and still partially is) we finally discovered was actually that my nose was messed up in 3 major different ways that required surgery to fix so I can eventually breath again. Everything went well, but now I’ve been recovering so I haven’t really done a ton of anything lately and just haven’t been able to blog.

Besides surgery other exciting news has been the work in ID we’ve been doing on our first design sprint of this school year which is around Healthy Living. It’s amazing how quickly you can go through the design process if you really put effort into making it happen in a timely fashion. In just a few short days we observed, set up and had an interview, brainstormed for that user, and came up with version 1.0 of our prototypes. Now this next week we will start talking to more people, because design thinking is all about hearing from people so we don’t want to stop after just one interview when we still have so many questions.

For me, having more interviews seems like the logical next step in a design process, but I’m really curious as to if all of my team mates feel the same way. I don’t think they do or do not, I’m simply curious. Everyone has different levels of comfort with design thinking, and from working with different people on challenges, I’ve experienced working with some people who after they make one prototype, they get really attached and want to go full force to make it happen.

We’ve now made 3 prototypes in our team after we broke into pairs at the end of last week. The really interesting thing was that about 2 minutes before it was time to prototype we all agreed that we were looking at the wrong problem, which for some reason is always a cool moment to me. Everyone really liked the idea of getting rid of styrofoam plates, and our user did like this idea on some level, so when we were picking our favorite how might we problem statement, “HMW make the cafeteria more eco friendly?” (or something to that extent) ended up winning. However, after a little brainstorming, we realized that this problem didn’t really match the needs of our user. So we changed it to “HMW make sustainability a part of our DNA?”

We did some more quick brainstorming after changing the problem statement, but I think it could also be helpful if our team unpacked what this problem statement even means as a part of our next steps. What does being sustainable look like? What does it take for something to be a part of our DNA? These are just some immediate questions that come to mind. I’m curious how next week, and more users will impact our problem statement as it is so far.


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