Costumes Galore


I’m not going to lie, I’m not typically a huge fan of pep rallies; however, homecoming week is always lots of fun! I love getting to dress up in wacky outfits and seeing what other people wear.

Everyone is so creative and you get a nice reminder of that when you walk down the halls and see people dressed up as everything from chickens to unicorns on animal day.

I think my favorite costumes people wore today were the group of people in my grade that all came in shark onesies. I was actually a little sad my friends that were in on it hadn’t told me, considering I talked about the idea of going as Sharknado with a few of them on Tuesday. At the same time though, I was just so happy they actually did it because it was hilarious!!!

Another cool  group costume was on Tuesday when a group of people, (also in my grade, because the class of 2017 just rocks!), came dressed as characters from Peter Pan!

I kind of think it would be cool if next year we had a day specifically designed so people would wear group costumes because I think it adds a new level of fun and creativity when a whole team works together to create something. Personally I think most of life is like that; when you work on a team to put something together, you feel even happier about it at the end because of the extra minds contributing to the fun and creativity.


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