Positive Reminder


“Things tend to kind of, maybe, sort of, work out sometimes.”

This is actually my own quote that I said to one of my friends at Nerd Camp this summer (the original Nerd Camp with Duke TIP appose to the other Nerd Camp I went to at Yale this summer) when she was getting stressed out about the last TIP dance. While the English itself isn’t all that great, the meaning behind the sentence has become very meaningful to me.

I know that there are a lot of words in there that make the quote seem not so certain, but I think that’s because of my value of honesty, so even when I first said it I was worried myself that things wouldn’t work out and thus I added room for caveats. Personally when something says “Things will always work out in the end,” or something that extent, it makes me a tad more annoyed because I then get the worry of “What if they don’t work out though?” With all of my little caveat words placed in the quote, it is really hard for me to argue easily with the sentence and thus it is easier for me to believe in and get hopeful– it’s really all just phycological though… Also this quote means more to me simply because it reminds me of TIP which always makes me happy and sad at the same time.

The dance ended up going great in the end, so as the quote predicted, things worked out. Since then, any time I’ve been stressed out about something and then things turned out right in the end, I’m reminded of this quote.

I’ve realized that at some point in my semi-recent life, I’ve started to get stressed, anxious, and nervous more easily. This made me think that perhaps rather than remembering my quote after something works out, it would be more helpful to be reminded of the quote while I’m stressed or anxious or nervous. This way I can hopefully feel better knowing that things happen for a reason and it will be ok in the end.

With all of this in mind, I have now decided to write this quote on a sticky note and place it on my mirror so that every morning I will be reminded. Some times we just need those daily reminders to think positive.

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