The Camera Never Blinks

Tonight was simply fantastic! Things clicked and flowed in such a way that just made for a spectacular preview. So happy to be a part of this show, and so thankful for all of the family members and teachers who came out to support us tonight!!! Before curtain call the cast and crew just smiled and had the highest of high fives, and danced a great dance back stage; for we were a happy family. Now I’m even more pumped for opening night tomorrow!!!


What things I have seen, what sounds have I heard…



Four people. Four brave and brilliant young people (okay, one faculty guy, but he looks pretty young) took stage tonight and  delivered some of the most wonderful work I have seen in my days as a director/teacher/artist.  In the shadows and blue lights offstage, there were three hardworking stage crew folks that spun and juggled a lot of plates, props, light and sound cues. There were times, many onstage tonight that we were just there, sitting in the dark, around the shaman’s fire circle, listening full body to the song of the story. This is why we come back to act and direct, sing and dance, laugh, cry and get the what of why we need to create. This. This. This.

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