Passion Work and Sleep


Today did not feel like a Friday for some reason, but looking back on the week I’ve realized just how great of a week it was! What really made it awesome was because I had something I very rarely have: time.

I’ve had no homework for the past few nights, which has been odd (it even worries me a tad that this is the quite before the storm…) but fantastic because then I’ve been able to just work on the stuff I want to work on after school! Specifically, I’ve gotten to do way more music stuff than I have in a while. We’ve finally been having all of the cast at drama (many people have been getting sick or had prior obligations and couldn’t make it to rehearsal), so I’ve gotten to start playing around with sound effects and making music with tons of instruments. Plus Wednesday, since I didn’t have homework, I got to practice some of the Upper School band pieces after school. Then Thursday I actually had time to go play with the middle school band. Plus today I learned I may get to go on the band field trip next Monday to see an orchestra play which should be awesome! (To be honest I don’t know much about the field trip because I literally just found out today that I may be able to go and it isn’t even 100% yet. Finger’s crossed though!)

With no homework, I’ve also actually gotten to sleep a little more than normal and I feel like I’ve noticed it during class. You know how sometimes you just feel in general more on your game than normal? That’s how I’ve felt this week. I’ve been happy, pondering, productive, asking lots of thoughtful questions, and just in general I feel more attentive and like I’ve processed more during class time this week. I got good grades on my two tests. I’ve been having interesting conversations around feedback on my Creativity Crisis paper. My design team had a really productive all hands on deck prototyping day and have now almost finished our full scale prototype. I felt like I was asking more questions and better understanding more conceptual topics in Latin and AP Chemistry. I was able to quickly learn a good bit about many revolutionary war key figures. I got to work on some iVenture work for the first time in forever. Plus I got to start reading Grant Lichtman’s 2nd book on education transformation for the 21st century, #EdJourney!

It’s just been a really great week! I guess passion work and sleep really can make a difference in your every day behavior. What if every week felt like this?


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