A Transdiciplinary Show


Today I got a neat experience to see an opera during school while on a band/chorus field trip. It was really cool because what I didn’t realize before going was that this was the opera (La Boheme) that Rent was based off of. (I did notice how similar it was after a few minutes though, so it made a lot of sense when I found that out.)

It’s funny because while I missed “school” in terms of in desk time, I instead just always find myself thinking about how putting on a show involves all of my classes and some.

I mean imagine instead of a normal schedule defined my bells, what if instead your school day was based on all of the aspects involved in putting on a show and you just did multiple shows per school year?

The class could pick the theme of the show, then research any history needed to back up the plot. Then the class could write the script while working on discovering motives of different characters and would have to think of everything in a “show don’t tell” mindset since real people would act it out. Students could design and build the set using math and engineering skills including proportions and trigonometry to name a few. Understanding how to safely create and use special effects would likely involve a great deal of chemistry and physics. Then not to mention you could add in an added challenge of making at least one show a musical where physical education would be required to choreograph dance numbers and well as music skills to craft songs as well as play them. Not to mention, after figuring out everything that is going to happen, the class would also have to cast out parts and work on their communication skills to actually produce the show.

If you really wanted to make things challenging you could even add in foreign language, puppets, politics, making a statement on a controversial topic, live animals, robotics, and so many more creative possibilities for learning.

With the help of a few mentors from various subject areas (and at least one person with more preforming arts background), this would be such a cool way to have school! We could even go on field trips to see other plays, talk to people in various fields about the best way to create certain experiences, and get inspiration for our shows. Then we could invite the people that help us to come see our final project.

Just saying, the feeling I get after a certain call for a great show or presentation (especially when we get a standing ovation) when people come up to me afterwards to talk about it, that feeling is unmatched by any grade I’ve ever gotten on any assignment in any class.

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