A 2nd Renaissance


I saw a musical today called Bullets Over Broadway. It was really good!!! It was a great cast and crew along with a great script. I was especially impressed with the dancing in the show. Often times the leads aren’t as talented in dance, which makes sense since they often have more training in the theater side of things, but even the leads in this show were able to hold their own in complex dance numbers.

This show made me start thinking about a few different things: 1. my work yesterday with some of my teachers on the humanities course brainstorm 2. the TEDTalk I watched on multipotentialites 3. my blog post on history being involved in everything we learn.

These different thoughts together made me think about the Renaissance. A time of rebirth, discovery, and exploration. A time known for great scholars, artists, and inventors. A time when science and art were considered to be foundational connected. A time when it was considered the norm to be trained in many different fields.

It’s often said that history repeats itself. If this is true, then I think that we are about to enter a new Renaissance period. I mean I almost feel like “education redesign” is more like going back to what it once was system wise, as in the Renaissance time, the difference is we now know more than we once did. By this I mean that people are realizing how closely connected courses are and how it’s becoming more desired for people to have experience in multiple fields in order to find connections and create innovations.

I love the time period of the Renaissance, and I’m excited and curious about the potential future Renaissance, that maybe we already entered even.


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