Council on Innovation 2015

I wonder...

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This Friday, Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation sponsors an annual event called Council on Innovation, where we invite a group of 20-25 industry leaders and entrepreneurs to join us for a day of learning. The structure for the day includes moments of discussion, MoVe talks, a salon lunch, and a design thinking Flashlab all centered around one theme. This year’s theme, “Disruptive Curiosity,” will drive our day together as we purposefully plan moments of intersection between faculty, students, Council members, and members of the greater Mount Vernon community. In the morning, after the welcome and introductions, we will lead our Council through the Four A’s Protocol around an article called Curiosity is as Important as Intelligence, a Harvard Business Review piece. During this segment in the past, I’ve so appreciated hearing the insights, thoughts, and provocations of our Council as they engage in a discussion around something that is connected to who…

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