A Talented Bunch


I know it’s only October still, but I’m SUPER EXCITED for our spring musical, Shrek the Musical!!!

We are also trying something semi-new with this show, because auditions were opened up to the entire school! While in the past we’ve had a couple of lower school and middle school kids be in high school productions, this year is the first time we’ve really given the opportunity for these younger kids to audition rather than the few we found because we needed someone younger. Today were these auditions for the lower and middle schoolers, but I went because I was curious (and my brother was auditioning, but I would have gone anyway.)

These kids were fantastic! They weren’t only adorable, but they also did a pretty good job at keeping up with the exact dance, music, and lines that the high schoolers used to audition. It was actually really fun to watch them up on stage, and while I know they won’t all be able to be in this show, I hope they continue with drama in the future, because I was impressed! We have such great talent at MVPS– demonstrated by all ages! We even had one little kindergardener audition, and she might have barely been able to get out of her chair during the dance, but she kept going strong with a big smile on her face the whole time!

Maybe not everyone feels the same way, but I really love working across grade levels because I think it adds interesting new challenges and excitement to projects. I can’t wait for rehearsals to officially start, and auditions aren’t even over yet!!


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