Graduation Day Speaker

Wow talk about a great “graduation day keynote speaker”! Every now and then I will have those days where I expect to blog about something, then I just so happen to stumble upon something absolutely amazing that makes me completely change what I want to blog about. I just had one of those moments.

I literally just opened my computer about 30 minutes ago to fix a quick homework thing when I ended up clicking on a couple of links on a page I was using to find definitions/examples of specific rhetorical devises I need to use in a speech. Then I ended up learning that I was actually on a website with a blog, and the guy had a TED Talk. I had planned on closing my computer after fixing the quick thing in my speech, and then I would continue reading #EdJourney. However, I was curious, and not in a super time crunch since it was only around 8:30, so I clicked play.

The TED Talk (like most TED Talks) was beautifully spoken and inspiring! It’s about the nerves and thrill involved with graduation, and how this feeling of being scared but excited for the unknown future doesn’t end with high school graduation day. I highly recommend it!


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