Lifting a Boulder


I feel like a bolder has just been lifted up off of my shoulders. These past few weeks have included several tests, quizzes, projects, essays, and presentations. Today (unless one of my teachers decides to surprise us) was officially my last big stressful thing until after Thanksgiving break!

I finished my last period where I took the hardest math test I’ll have for the entire year, and I had that feeling of, “I’m done! For now…”

Thanksgiving break for me, on top of getting to have fun with family, means time to work on some things that I’ve really wanted to be working on, but haven’t had time for.

Part of me feels bad/weird about how when  I think of breaks, I immediately think about working, but it’t what my life has come to. I read this great article today about the stress that students go through due to what has been defined as “success.” The sad truth is that students are often so busy that many parents, such as this one, realize with everything students have to do, “There was no room to dabble or just explore.” 

Now today wasn’t all stressful, I also had a fantastic conversation with Grant Lichtman and Kat via Google Hangout. However, I haven’t quite had time to sit down and process and flesh out all of the ideas in my head yet. With this revealing feeling of not having any homework, projects, essays, tests, quizzes, or any other big stressful thing to worry about tonight, I’m taking tonight to just sit back and reboot.

2 thoughts on “Lifting a Boulder

  1. I really enjoyed the chat, and ideas were stewing in my head all day about possible directions for your book, how you two might actually be able to write a book while also carrying on your senior year studies, and how I might help. Don’t tell your parents about my suggestion you take a gap year; they would kill me! Maybe there are some other pathways that work. I am ready and happy at any moment to think more with you both about this; it would be a tremendous and natural extension of #EdJourney for you to make!

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