Hurry Up and Wait

So my friend Marz hasn’t blogged in a while, even though I know she’s been wanting to. However, she finally got another post up today, and I loved it and wanted to share it because I agree so much!

Exploring The Fourth Planet

As a kid, adults always tell you “time flies,” or, if they are feeling humorous, “time flies like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana.” As a child (although many would still consider me a child at the age of seventeen) this adage always bothered me- I was, in a gross understatement, a very impatient child. I can recall feeling that school days lasted an eternity and weekends seemed far apart, whereas now weeks rush by, days never have enough hours in them, and I can look at my schedule in November and think about how soon May will be upon us. Part of what makes life seem to be moving much faster, I believe, is simply having more stuff to do. Our lives get cluttered with this stuff, as if tasks, ideas, and plans all manifest themselves as physical objects creating barriers between ourselves and time to…

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