Memorable Disruptive Learning


I just realized today that my current school class schedule is the longest schedule we’ve kept at MVPS in close to 3 years now. I remember how crazy things were the last few years when every month is seemed we would be switching the schedule and have classes and breaks at different times during the day.

At the time, these constant changes were a bit frustrating because no one could keep up with them. However, looking back, I actually kind of enjoyed these constant changes.

Life is often most interesting when our everyday flow is disrupted. Those moments when you sporadically go to New York with 30 minutes notice, or take a family weekend trip to go zip lining,  or jump in a cab and take a ferry to New Jersey to get food from a bakery on TV. (These things have all actually happened to me by the way.) Even the smaller moments, like going on a field trip, or moving class outside, or venturing up to the roof, all make for an interesting story worth remembering.

I often find myself getting most curious and creative when my schedule is disrupted, and then I also tend to remember these moments the best.

Now that this semester is officially over, I’ve had several conversations with friends about high school. And to be honest, for many people my age at this point it is almost repetitive too much. While we may be learning new material, the everyday flow of knowledge is the same. Same people. Same classes. Same schedule. Day after day.

The beginnings of school years are always so exciting because you’re in new classes, with new groups of people, with new teachers, and you still are just trying to figure out how everyone works together in space and time.

Then we get into a flow. This flow can sometimes be great! However, after spending long enough in the flow, you get on auto pilot which takes away some of that curious excitement.

I wonder how everyday could have some of that curious excitement. I wonder what would happen if everyday had a disruptive adventure that took us on new learning journeys lead by curiosity and creativity. It seems like a lot of great and memorable learning moments could come from these. We can do great things when we’re curious, and there is a lot we can learn when we go on crazy new adventures.

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