Enhance the Old, Encourage the New


I can not believe it is already New Years Eve!!! This year seemed to fly by with so much stuff packed into it.

I’ve really been slacking on blogging this year though, especially in the past few months. As I’ve gotten older it seems that I’m more busy and have lots of late nights where I just don’t get the chance to blog anymore.

However, if I’ve learned anything this year, I’ve definitely learned that I have reached a point where I need to blog and share my work. What once started as just a fun challenge has now become a very important part of my life. The week of Christmas when I had no internet, I could feel myself wanting to blog; thoughts would be swirling around in my head, I would send friends longer text messages because I needed things to get out of my head, my sticky-notes kept getting filled with blog title ideas yet to be shared.

It’s hard to break habits. I don’t want to break my blogging habit and I’ve discovered that it would be very difficult to break it even if I wanted to. In the past year and a half or so since I started blogging, I have gone from the kid known for needing lot’s of help with writing to now an avid blogger and writing lover. I think the more you do of something, the more you want to do it because it just becomes a part of you and your everyday routine.

I hope that next year I’m able to keep up my blogging better because I just feel so behind when I don’t.

I love the new year because it always feels so hopeful and full of excitement. I know I have lots to be excited about. When I get back to school we will have a new maker’s space, we will have the set for our next show complete, and in ID and AP Lang we left with some exciting new ideas for this semester.

While I have so much stuff to carry out and work on from this past year when going into the new year, I also hope to be more conscious about diverting from my every day routine sometimes. So many fun, interesting, and insightful things happen when you take time to try and focus on changing your norm and observe things you haven’t before.

And with that, happy new years and be safe tonight!



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