Aspiring For New Goals


And so it begins.

School is tiring. I always seem to forget that when going back for the first few days.

I think first days back can be especially hard depending on how a teacher decides to start the year. Some teachers like to jump right into crazy philosophical conversations while others like to be more lose with more of an overview of how the semester will be similar and different.

In ID we’ve been spending some time refocusing as a team. Yesterday we did a creative drawing exercise where we got in groups and were given a basic picture, then we had to add details to the picture that helped metaphorically represent a team.

Then today we looked and discussed the latest prototype of a short booklet describing ID. I won’t get supper into the details of this book, but what I found interesting was actually the way of language used.

Some of the language I was very familiar with and have used the same language in the past when describing ID to others. However, some of the language was new to me. The words weren’t ones that we currently use frequently and fluidly amongst the cohort, but they are ones that we aspire to use in our ever growing vocabulary to describe ID.

Words are powerful and have very specific meanings, so it can often be hard to find just the right words to describe something. Therefore, the best way to see what works is to start using a word for a while and see how it feels and how others react to it.

This all just reminded me of the always future thinking attitude we like to have in ID, and I think it’s good for us to constantly aim for new goals.

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