Months in Advance

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I have a college counseling meeting. My last drama rehearsal before preview night. 2 sessions of talking to 8th graders about ID. Plus we have to start pre-registration for what classes we think we want to take next year.

I often always get frustrated on pre-registration day. I barely know my plans for next week let alone 8 months from now. My friends and I keep talking about how we have no idea what we want to take next year, especially when we don’t even know how we will do in our classes for the rest of this year.

I always feel like I don’t even know enough about the differences between the classes to make decisions.

I know it shouldn’t stress me out as much as it does, but I can’t help it. It seems that registration day just always brings up millions of bugs that I have about education systems which puts me in a weird mood.

I mean I get how admin really needs to start scheduling now in order for everything to be figured out come next school year, but it just seems so soon. It makes me feel like we’re being pushed towards the end too quickly. We still have a whole year and a half ahead of us!


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