Needs of a Community

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Follow through. Follow through. Follow through!

I constantly remind myself that I need to work on following through with projects I get invested in. ReSpIn has always been as a struggle for me because it’s one of the few big things I’m working on that isn’t just because, “I’m curious and want to do this.” I’m working on this project because it meets the needs of our community, and I care about our community. So while it’s hard to always feel motivated, I’m determined to follow through.

ReSpIn is soooo close to making our physical, full scale, potentially final product. Over the last few weeks we’ve created our logo and learned how to use the laser printer to cut it out. We have had feedback meetings with teachers to develop how we will make our RISE Sustainability system a learning tool for teachers and students to use in order to help facilitate conversations and activities around sustainability.” We’ve made connections with people at Georgia Tech, and hopefully we’ll be going there to use there facilities soon! 

Our design is finished and in a CAD model, so now really we are just waiting to make sure our design works with the machine and then we can print and test if it works to fit it all together.

However, we also still haven’t quite finished figuring out how we are going to collect the data about recycling for once we put our system into action, and we still have to figure out how to aid teachers with making sustainability a richer part of our curriculum at MVPS.

One of the most valuable snippets from some of our recent teacher conversations was this idea of how our system will only work with a cultural change. We teach in the classroom that it’s important to recycle, but then at school events or even just walking in the hallways after school, we don’t typically have recycling bins or even think about recycling. If sustainability is a part of our DNA, that means we will instinctively be thinking about recycling and try to get others to recycle and preserve resources to. Anytime there is a trash can at school, there should also be a recycling bin.

Creating a cultural change takes more than a finished product.

We know have to do more, and we’ve been working on tackling the curriculum and data analysis challenges, but the hard part is working with other parties than just our immediate team. We keep finding ourselves waiting for an email, or waiting for a meeting, or taking time to change our goals for when things should be done by, or waiting for another Thursday so that we can schedule time to leave campus for long periods of time, or trying to line up schedules between high school and middle school.

While sometimes it feels like we’ve been making a ton of progress, it’s hard to keep up a positive, move forward attitude when we keep hitting little road bump delays.


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