Don’t You Love Standardized Tests?

I love standardized testing! I’ve practically been jumping for you about having the SAT and the National Latin Exam all in under a week, plus tests and quizzes in normal class because we have our 2 week break coming up!

I mean there’s so much that we’ve gotten to experience in the last few days: Getting up early to sit for hours in a row. Using up that time in the day to look at obscure questions. Going into a cold somber room where at least a dozen other kids sit awaiting the instructions we’ve all heard a million times. Having to use non-mechanical number 2 pencils, and getting the pleasant reminder of what it’s like to deal with lead breaking and needing a pencil sharpener.

Then there comes the test itself where we get to stair at dozens of question in confusion as we try to figure out what the question is asking let alone what the answer is. We got to use logic like, “Well we know this happens in Greece and this word looks like ‘Parthenon’ so let’s go with A!” I mean why would I want to have questions that are like things we practice in school? Where is the challenge in that?

Rather than feeling prepared before entering the exam, I personally find it much more exiting to leave getting to hear the odd pieces of logic everyone used to guess their answers. We don’t practice old exam questions because we think they will help us prepare for this exam; we do that just because we think it’s fun to study things like ancient maps to then have not a single map appear on the exam.

Plus the best part about standardized testing is that I never leave feeling surprised with my performance, because I have learned to never go into them with high expectations. I try my best, and whatever happens happens; if only what I’m best at could be represented in that magic little number we’re given at the end.


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