The Meditating Brain


Besides packing for our trip to San Francisco for a week with ID, I spent most of the day doing some reading. I was reading my book about neuroscience which I haven’t actually gotten to look at since first getting it in New York last summer.

I find neuroscience interesting because the more we learn about the brain, the more we can learn about how people learn. And if we learn about how people learn, then we can better understand how to best teach people.

Now to be honest, my book is pretty short because it’s meant to be a book that tells you little one page summaries of concepts so while I learned a good  bit, I didn’t learn anything truly substantial. However, I did learn enough to get curious about a few different things.

Now I should really be going to bed soon because I have to be at the airport at 5:45am tomorrow morning, so I’m going to try and make this brief. The biggest curiosity my reading has left me with is the idea of meditation.

Experiments have proven that there are benefits to attention span, working memory, and spatial processing tasks, while also decreasing the need for a large amount of sleep by meditating. With all these benefits, it makes me wonder how much meditation is needed to make a significant improvement in these areas. It also makes me wonder if schools should be incorporating time for meditation into our daily routine. (And I don’t just mean suggest time, because everyone, myself included, would probably end up saying something else is more important; if there was meditation time, it would need to be required of all students and teachers if a real difference was wanted to be made.)

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