Telling Time Through the Arts


I always am able to tell that time is passing based on the arts in my life.

This week is my last theater performance before I’m a senior, and ironically it The Lion King Jr. which the middle school is performing and I have a cameo in. Ironic because it’s a middle school show, and because it is The Lion King which I was begging to do during middle school but we didn’t have the rights for, so instead the cast of Willy Wonka (my 7th grade year) would sing all of The Lion King Songs all of the time in band and on the way to rehearsal. It’s been so nostalgic for me to work with the middle schoolers and remember what it was like back when I was their age in theater.

Then today I got to go to a Georgia Tech band concert and I started to feel old there as well, because it was one of the first times where we saw something like that and were talking about how many of the seniors are going to be those kids in the concert just next year. Then it’s only one more year for me until the end of high school…

Plus this weekend is our annual theater banquet where we give out awards for shows this year and also induct new National Thespian Society members. This is making me feel like time is passing because it really signifies the end of the year for me, and also it’s weird because everyone keeps coming to me with questions about it. I’m not use to being the one people come to for theater banquet questions because I still get confused about what to wear or expect as well. (In fact, I’m still often texting my friends that were former MVPAllStars to ask about theater banquet questions.)

Time flies when you’re telling stories.

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