Ushering Graduation

This year’s juniors helping as ushers for Baccalaureate and the Senior Banquet. 

Graduation is tomorrow!!!!!! I still can’t believe tomorrow our seniors become alumni and officially finish their time as an MVPS and high school student.

Today was Baccalaureate and the Senior Banquet, and I got to be one of a few juniors that were able to help at the event as ushers and will also help at tomorrow’s service. I’m so glad I got to help because we had such a great time being the security guards, waiters, cleaner-upers, and flower transporters (plus the added bonus of getting to drive cars on the football field). Plus our college counselors planned the whole event so well that it made it easy on us to know exactly what, where, and when to do our jobs, thus everything ran rather smoothly.  I love how well the MVPS community comes together with IMG_3653.JPGparents, teachers, and students to celebrate the hard work everyone does.

Helping out can give you such a great feeling, and getting to help while watching the happy yet sad faces of all of the seniors and their families made it all the more special.  The hardest part was watching their slideshow and realizing, next year that will be us.

In math yesterday someone pulled up their countdown to graduation and pointed out that we are only a year and a week away from our own IMG_3655.JPGgraduation which is really impossible to envision.

I’m going to miss our current seniors so much, and while right now I don’t know how we’ll survive without them, I know we will figure it out somehow. We have a pretty great class of 2017 that’s about to become seniors, and my biggest hope for next year is that we leave a legacy that lives on past our time at MVPS.


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