Welcoming Summer Adventures

images.jpgI’m a senior!?!? I still am processing and I don’t think it’s officially hit me yet, but I’m certain that junior year is over and now for the excitement of summer!

It’s funny because although I’ve had my last day of school, I will still be in the building for meetings and projects that don’t stop just because a final bell rang. Plus, I’m only done because I’m lucky enough to be exempting all of my final exams since I had all As and not too many absences. However, not everyone is in this situation, so the last day feels a tad anti climatic because not everyone really finishes school at the same time.

The part about today that made it really feel like the end of a year was saying good bye to teachers that are not returning to MPVS, and having mini parties in some classes. I’m one of those abnormal children who enjoys school most of the time, so I’m sad to an extent that it’s over. I’ll miss seeing my friends everyday, and I’ve already been missing drama, and Innovation Diploma is never really over, though getting to see everyone in person won’t happen over the summer much. Plus of course I’ll miss playing Kemps and jamming to musical music in A Cappella club.

I’ve already made my list of summer goals, which includes various reading pieces, writing ideas, working on the Senior Theater Project, “before I graduate” plans to finish, working on mini interest projects, and many more. To me summer is a time where I truly get to take control of my learning (plus sleep more), so I’m sad this year is over because it flew by and was mostly enjoyable, but I’m also super ready to welcome summer adventures!


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