Making History with History

CkzOpSPUUAASLvp.jpgIf you didn’t watch tonight’s Tony Awards then you missed out on a night of magic! The energy in the room where it happened was hotter than the sun and you could feel it through the TV. It was great seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hearing the thankful words and watching the breathtaking performances!!!

Hamilton won 11 awards I believe out of the record breaking 16 nominations, thus making history with their historic story. I wish that I could see the show myself, and after their performances (yes that’s right performances- plural– hey had an encore!!!!) I wish even more that I could experiance the story in person.

The way the Hamilton team has made history come to life is game changing not just for the world of theater, but I believe the world of education too. If you searched twitter around the time of the APUSH exam you would find millions of kids around the nation claiming to have “made it through the year in APUSH” because of Hamilton; and most of these kids haven’t even seen the show, they’ve only listened to the soundtrack and still learned so much!

Imagine if every history class could engage students as much as Hamilton does. Imagine if every class could help teach kids in the way that Hamilton does: experiencing the story rather than just being told the story, and thusly remembering it better.

Congrats to all Tony Award winners and James Corden for a hilarious hosting job; the hard work of everyone in the show biz does not go unnoticed at least by this young actress! The theater is a magical place where stories come to life, audiences get glimpses of beauty, and dreamers have no limits. Raise you glass to the theater!


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