Trailblazers- Student Driven EdMagazine

It’s official, the first edition of Trailblazers, a student driven magazine on the Education Transformation Movement, is here with young writers from around the world contributing!!!! My peers in the Innovation Diploma, Abigail Emerson and Kaylyn Winters, and I have been working at this project all year after some last minute edits over the summer, we now feel it is time to ship the idea and get it out into the world.

So please check out our first edition which includes:

A Letter From the Founders

Meet the Curators: Anya Smith-Roman, Kaylyn Winters, Abigail Emerson

The learner-centered movement: Q&A: Sparkhouse Conference

Creating Something New: Brady Vincent

Change is a Conversation: Neel Pujar

Free Ranged vs. Caged: Kim Mi Yeoh

Intelligence: Cali Ragland

Community Connections

Good Reads


Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!! Can’t wait for issue 2!


6 thoughts on “Trailblazers- Student Driven EdMagazine

  1. In your link to your next post you say “education is rapidly being transformed…” Question- is it rapidly being transformed or is it rapidly transforming? i.e. is education passively transforming- something is happening to it to force evolution; or is it actively moving itself forward.

    1. Good question, for me I believe it is a little bit of both honestly. Education, like most things in life, has been actively changing over time in little ways to attempt to keep up with society; simple changes like no longer slapping kids with rulers as punishment. However, in the past decade or so, maverick change-makers have discovered the need for a fundamental change in the entire education system; these change-makers have been forcing education to transform at a more rapid pace than the change occurring from just education itself.
      So I guess my short answer, as I now have collected my own thoughts more, is that education on it’s own will change, but it takes people pushing boundaries and flipping levers to really create a transformation.

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    Amazing work by students empowered to make a change, given necessary guidance, and the time to do quality work.

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    During the spring semester of this 2016-17 academic year, senior Anya Smith-Roman and junior Abigail Emerson, of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, led efforts to create and publish a new journal for education – all originating from the student-learner voice and position. Check out their first publication!

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