Reflecting on 2.5 Years of Trailblazers

I’ve been slow to posting, but last week was a special one because we published our 5th issue of Trailblazers!!! I’m still a little in shock to be quite honest. When we founded Trailblazers my… More

Life Update: Living in Budapest

It’s amazing how one person talking for an hour can be so inspiring sometimes; the thing is if you don’t reflect and act upon what you learned it can be so easy for those inspiring… More


I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to speak about my thoughts on transformative education on a number of occasions with Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Randy Ziegenfuss on two of their podcasts: TL Talk Radio and Shift… More

Trailblazers: Issue 3!

It’s finally here! Issue 3 of Trailblazers, our student-driven e-magazine about the Education Transformation Movement, is available for viewing now! Hope you enjoy these remarkable articles written by spotlight learners from around the country including… More