I have so much stuff. Sometimes I forget this because everything is in a spot to some extent. Today though I started packing up my dorm room to bring things home, and there was no way to not notice how much stuff I had.

One of the random learning moments of my first year was realizing just how few clothes I really wear. I’m used to spending summers away from home where I basically live out of a suitcase clothes-wise, and honestly, I probably could do the same in college plus a few extra pairs of things and some random occasion clothing. Yet while packing I noticed so many shirts in particular that I didn’t wear all year, but they’re the kind of shirts that I also can’t bring myself to not have around just in case.

It’s interesting how we accumulate things over the years that we just can’t seem to get rid of. Things like old camp shirts, or gifts, or those things you always think might just come in handy one day so you’d rather be safe than sorry so you keep it around.

Maybe next semester I’ll change my ways…