Who Am I?

My name is Anya Smith; however, because of my obsession with the number pi, I spell my name with the pi symbol as the A, so many people call me Pinya. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I never have, but that is okay because I am only 17. I understand the beauty of not knowing your specific passion because  that allows you to experience life with an open mind to all fields of learning and growing.

At my core I’m an innovator, so rather than writing a  paragraph about who I am, I wanted to show who I am. This collage is compiled of: pictures of things that I do or think about, some of my favorite quotes from my one of my role models, Albert Einstein,(due to how he always spoke for what he believed in and I agree with a lot of his ideas), and comments made by some of my teachers and friends about words they would use to describe me.

This blog is simply to show my life, and to serve as a place for my day to day observations about the world around me.

I started this blog with the challenge of blogging for at least 100 days strait. I have now exceeded that goal, but I have continued to post (just about) everyday due to my new passion for writing to reflect and share stories.

As a disclaimer I’d like to point out that my writing pieces almost definitely won’t have perfect grammar and/or spelling; however, I’m okay with that because I write to keep up the habit of refining my thoughts from day to day not to try and be a publisher, so some post will be more thought provoking than others.

It’s not just about where you end up, it’s about how you got there.

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