Anya’s Bio

Anya is a designer. She serves as the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) Fellow as well as an inaugural Innovation Diploma member and graduate of the class of 2017 from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Now a proud Yellow Jacket at Georgia Tech, she loves to explore, tinker, design, story-tell, wander, and wonder. For the past few years Anya’s primary driving question has been, “How might we make student voice at the forefront of the Education Transformation Movement?” This question has lead her into a world of networking with leaders around the world from authors to tech entrepreneurs, speaking and coaching at education conferences, publishing articles and co-founding the education magazine Trailblazers, and becoming a pioneer of innovative education practices where she strives to “blur the lines between school and the real world.” In her “free time” she also is an actress, gymnastics coach, acrobat, flutist, and soccer player. Anya dreams of a future where “school” consists of students working side by side with business leaders to design for pressing issues in the world.